Modern Boho Nursery Decor for Your Little Lady

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Little baby girl sleeping out of focus.

When I was pregnant with each of our 3 children I had SO much fun finding items to add to their nurseries. I guess some would call it nesting. There are so many cute things out there to buy for your baby’s room. I can’t get enough of this modern boho nursery decor.

Here is just a small list of my favorites. Happy decorating!

1. Macrame Stuffed Animal Wall Hammock

Cute storage and display for all the adorable plush animals and toys.

2. Round Macrame Mirror

Boho is all about the textures, and this macrame piece can certainly pull everything together.

Lil Sis Print from Etsy

3. lil sis. Printable Wall Art

Of course if she’s the lil sis or the big sis, she’ll need one of these printed on her wall.

4. Vintage Floral Crib Sheets

How cute are these fitted sheets? The pattern and colors are spot on.

5. Knitted Throw Blanket

So many color options!

Stay Wild Child print from Etsy

6. Stay Wild Child Art

7. Nursery Storage Basket

I can’t say enough about storage baskets. Use it for blankets or throw the toys in for easy cleanup. 🙂

8. Rainbow Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame rainbows are must. There are more color options too!

9. Macrame Hanging Shelves

Such fun and unique shelving.

Personalized Birth Print image from Etsy

10. Personalized Birth Print

Add some personalization to the room with this customizable birth stats and name print. Need to match your room colors? No problem.

  1. Macrame Stuffed Animal Wall Hammock
  2. Hanging Macrame Mirror
  3. lil sis. Printable Wall Art
  4. Vintage Floral Crib Sheets
  5. Throw Blanket
  6. stay wild child
  7. Storage Basket
  8. Rainbow Wall Hanging
  9. Hanging Wall Shelves
  10. Personalized Birth Print

Chances are, your little lady will love her modern boho nursery just as much as you do! It will be your favorite room in the house. 🙂

Need tips on documenting all of the moments and memories when your children are little? Check out this post.

Modern boho nursery decor for your little lady

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