Documenting Moments When Your Children Are Little

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Documenting moments when your children are little

It’s so important to be documenting moments when your children are little because what they say is true…They grow up too fast!

When our first child was born I wanted to be able to remember everything. I’m someone who needs to document things or I’ll forget. Having 3 kids in a span of 3.5 years things can become a bit of a blur.

Below are five things I do to remember all of those moments.

1. Create a Family Year Book

An example of a Mixbook photobook opened of a newborn with multiple photos.
Source: Mixbook

I get all of my photos as well as my husbands uploaded onto my computer. Mostly all of our photos come straight from our iPhones. Phones these days have great cameras.

I personally use Lightroom for storing all of our photos. Throughout the year I go through and add a flag to my top photos. That way I can easily sort by that filter and drag and drop them to the site where I love creating my books, Mixbook. Watch for another post coming up on my exact process.

If you’re new to Mixbook and use this link you’ll get $25 off!

2. Birthday interviews for each of the kids

A screenshot of a Birthday Interview Questionnaire that can be downloaded using the link.

I’ve created a questionnaire that I ask each of our kids for their answers each year on or near their birthdays. Sometimes I even do half birthdays since so much can change when they are little. My husband and I also like to fill it out with our answers for each child as well since sometimes younger kids like to be…well…random with their answers.

Download my birthday interview

3. Some Lines Journal for documenting every day moments

Blue Some Lines a Day Journal for journaling, note keeping and documenting all the moments
Source: Amazon

I absolutely LOVE my Some Lines A Day journal. It holds 5 years of journaling in 1 book. Each page has the same day for 5 years. Since you’re allotted to one smaller section you can really narrow your writing to the really important stuff. As you go on to year 2 or 3 etc it’s fun to be able to easily see what happened that same day a year or 3 years ago. I am now on my 8th year so I have 2 books nearly full.

Just be kind to yourself, you don’t HAVE to have something for every day. There are days that go by where I forget or simply don’t have time. I try my best at the end of the week to go back and put in some of the highlights for the week.

4. Wood board for measuring growth

Wood with a painted stencil and a foot by foot stencil for measuring their height.
Source: Amazon

I picked up a standard board from Home Depot and stenciled on a ruler. We have them stand up against it each birthday and half birthday to mark their height. For the time being I mark it up with pencil. We have 3 kids, so when I finally have a little more free time I plan to paint them in.

The kids always have fun seeing how much they have grown each time.

5. Keep control of all of their artwork & papers

Pile of papers with children's schoolwork and art to be documented and sorted

When they are young they create A LOT. They make art at home, they make art at daycare/school, they bring home all sorts of papers from school…more and more papers. It took me a bit, but I now have my process down. I use to let it pile up and just have bins and bins full of unorganized stuff.

Check out this post to see how I control all of this without having to physically KEEP everything. Who has room for all of that? Want to keep your sanity, right?

Have any specific things you do to remember these moments? Let me know in the comments below!

5 things to do when documenting moments when your children are little

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