Easy & Inexpensive Wall Art With Wood & Paint

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I created this simple DIY inexpensive wall art for my daughters nursery before she was born. It was such an easy project and budget friendly! I already had everything we needed except for the boards.

She is now 5 and we all still love it! We’ve even discussed adding little hooks directly to the boards on the front or bottom edge for her to hang jewelry, lights or other lightweight items.

Boards laying on ground with chevron print masked out with blue painters tape on one board. Roll of painters tape resting on another board. DIY Inexpensive Wall Art

What you’ll need:

After some light sanding (you don’t need much) I marked off the center of the boards vertically. This is where the tips of the arrows would land. From there I started taping, leaving the same amount of space in-between each. In a few spots you’ll notice I made it double the size.

You can do any pattern or size you’d like – have fun with it! I’m a big fan of anything geometric which is why I went with chevrons. 😉

Once I had everything taped, we hung them up. *Looking back, we should have done this AFTER we painted and removed the tape…some of the tape got stuck on the back when pulling it off. Since I was VERY pregnant and needed a little help my husband convinced me we should get them up first. 🙂

We found the studs and screwed them directly into the wood, no need for anchors. We did countersink the screws a bit and filled in the holes with pieces of wooden dowels. You could also use a wood filler. I sanded those spots a bit and you can barely tell they are there due to the knots and grain in the wood.

Three boards laying on ground with chevron print masked out with blue painters tape. DIY Inexpensive Wall Art

I applied two coats of paint with adequate drying time between the two. The color is what we used on her other feature wall on the opposite side of the room. Using this same color really helped tie everything together AND I didn’t have to buy anymore paint.

Wrapping up

That’s me below finishing up…a few days AFTER she was born – I guess I could have started the project a little earlier!

Left: me on a ladder finishing taking the last of the tape off. Right: Boards installed on wall with tape partially off. DIY Inexpensive Wall Art

I had intended on sealing it with a clear coat but in the end, I left it as is. I LOVE the natural look.

What do you think of my DIY Inexpensive Wall Art?

DIY inexpensive wall art with wood and paint

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