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You’ve downloaded your digital files, now what? You have a hard drive full of photos, now what? Whether they are prints from my Etsy shop or your own photographs…don’t let them just sit there. Get them printed! There are many options for printing your digital downloads and photographs these days but for me there are a few clear winners.

Printing at home

Depending on your printer, this can be the quick and easy option. There are many good printers out there but many don’t print larger than 8.5×11. If I need to print a larger size or a larger quantity of photos I will use my go to printer, Mpix, as mentioned below.

When I do print at home I’ll use either cardstock or a photo specific paper, like this from Canon. Just be aware that every printer has different printing settings. You will want to change the paper and printing preferences when you go to print.

Prints from your local store

Most stores like Walgreens, Costco, Target, etc. have photo centers. They all let you upload your files online and pick up at the store when ready or have them shipped. If you need something quick, this isn’t a bad option but I personally have not always had the best experience when it comes to quality from these printers.

Wall Art Prints & Photo Gifts with Mpix

This is my top pick especially for photographs. The quality is amazing. The sizes and print options are endless. You just upload your file and you’re ready to go. They package your items very well for shipping and have great customer service.

Want to send a photo gift to a family member? They do everything from wall calendars, photo magnets, blankets and more.

If you haven’t tried Mpix yet, use this link to receive $10 off! for printing and creating wall art and photo prints with your digital downloads and photographs

Make a book of your photographs with Mixbook

Mixbook is my go to for my family photo yearbooks. I create a book every year and send them to the grandparents. They LOVE them and it allows your photos to be seen rather than be lost on your phone! Watch for an upcoming post on how I make our family yearbook. So easy…and fun!

If you’re new to Mixbook and use this link you’ll get $25 off! for creating books to get those photographs printed

Now you have no excuse to not be printing your digital downloads and photographs. Have a place I need to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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